My Daily Routine: Part 1

February 02, 2017

In past 6 months or so, I have made tremendous progress. I like to mention my routine and create a personal blog for future use.

My daily routine is to:

1. Wake up, then autosuggest 3 times.

2. Exercise and then meditate.

3. Clean my room and bed. Then I will bathe with cold water and wash my clothes.

4. Then I plan my day.

5. Then I try to work on my project, in which I am still lagging. I am procrastinating here, I spend my day watching youtube, browsing quora. But I am still improving and trying to stand up.

In the past 6 months or so I have been regularly doing three core things exercising, meditating and bathing with cold water.

In the past +102 days as shown in above by lines, I don’t think I have missed a single day, doing my core habits like Exercising, Meditating and Bathing with cold water. Even while I was in relative house during his wedding, I tried to do miniature and simple form of those habits. In the beginning I used to wake up late, (Sometime early too) like 7, 8, 9, 10 or even 11 Am, but I never gave myself excuse to give up doing those things, I bathed even it was cold outside.

In the beginning (about 6 months ago) it used to take me about more than 1 hour (or even a whole day I guess) to just do less than 100 diamond pushups in many sets perhaps in 10-12 or more. But today, it takes me less than 5 minutes to do +150 diamond pushups in 3 sets. Beginning days were the hardest one.

But this wasn’t the initial points, I started exercising (doing push ups) when I was 12/13 years, I started meditating at around 15 but I wasn’t regular. I was random, I did it for sometimes and used to leave for some more because of failure. Again start with new hopes and expectation after few days.

Everyday, I autosuggest for three times in the morning and three times in the night after dinner. Then I draw a lines as shown in above figure.

In the beginning (or 6-7 months ago), I was autosuggesting 100 times a day, then after thinking it wasn’t sustainable and stable I reduced it to 50 times a day, then 20 times a day, then 10, currently I do it 6 times a day, three in the morning and three in the evening.

While autosuggesting, I read these four pages stuffs six times in a day. Well, it wasn’t the same in the beginning, it was different, I just tweaked it and tweaked it to make it like this. Since few days I am reading them loudly (not so loudly to disturb other) believing it will help me to clear my speech as I am not a fluent speaker (I am little bit stammer).

Currently, I use this thing as dumbbell. Back in the days I used a single brick. Then I tried something more, I bore the hole in the middle of two bricks. I guess it took me 2-3 weeks, because bricks are hard and if you hit hard you might break it. I had only a rod and hammer as a tool, no drill or anything like that. So, once I bored the hole, I used the rod and two bricks with hole to make it like dumbbell. I guess it was about 7-8 years before.

This I wrote when I was 15 (in class 9) years old, researching over internet using my Nokia X3 and 2G network. I was enthusiastic about collecting information and recording it. These are the indexes or list of chapters you can say. At that same time, I started meditating, I was inspired by Singaporean Blogger Celestine Chua’s Be your best self, Live your best life and her philosophy.

I was always tough on myself, I had very very low self esteem and less self confidence, I was emotionally weaker, as I was away from my parents (abt 90% of my life and those 10% memory are also not good enough) I felt neglected by everyone and not admired, I was (still am) less social, I did had friend but I was less connected to them due to insecurity. So I thought improving myself and getting better was the way to be stronger and admired, so I tried to do more and be more, hence end up doing nothing. Most times I couldn’t withstand those toughness, I used to break and fail. But I again used to try with new approach.

I remember, at age 15 I thought about joining the army, so I dreamed big of joining the British. I made a time table to run at time 3:30 (or may it was 3 AM) because I had many things included in my time table. For couple of weeks, I ran +7-8 kms a day. One day, after running I came home, I was just standing then suddenly I started hallucinating, in my mind I was running in the bridge (Jholunge Pool), then I closed my eyes and I fell down. It felt like dreaming, I guess I actually slept while standing and brain paralysed my body which brain do to prevent you from moving in sleep. I got cut in my lips, but it wasn’t that bad. From then, I stopped running for sometime and never ran like that.

After SLC or class 10, during three months holiday, I researched over internet to write a book for Teenager of my country, I was inspired by book Teen Guide To Real World, which had most chapters published over internet. I published my book in

This was my time table of my past of age 15. It was too strict, I couldn’t follow it, but it never stopped me from setting high standard and raise the bar. I was always pushing myself.

Now I have realized, time table never works because life is full of uncertainity. But Routine really works almost perfectly.

I still have a long way to go. I am still pushing myself to become a pro blogger, I am still dreaming.

This is just “Fake It Till You Make It” policy.

My daily planning, well, it’s not actually planning I just repeat the same words everyday except for dates, I am trying to stick with habits and reinforce myself.

The “Things……………………………..” Stuffs I write after the dinner before sleeping. Currently it’s still morning here.

Today I waked up at 5 AM with alarm, Autosuggested three times. Then I read BBC INTL’ apps, which I am not supposed to but still since I am not used to waking up early so, it’s accepted inorder to prevent losing will power. Then at 5:32 I started exercise, I played a motivational video (I play the same one everyday), which I had downloaded from internet, there’s nothing espcl abt it. Then I meditated. After that I cleaned my room listening to a Audiobook of Napolean Hill’s book Success Through Positive Mental Attitude. At 6:44 Am, I bathed with cold water and washed my clothes. I planned my day like above picture. Yesterday I slept at around 9:45 PM, my ideal one is 10 PM

This is so far what I have achieved. Well, I am a wild dreamer. Even if I fail this time, I will again set much much higher standard till I collapse.

I guess whatever happened in my life, made me like this. I think, “What don’t kill you, makes you stronger.” There were times in my life I was extremely unhappy and self loathing about what happened in life, I felt like suicidal or hurting myself many times. But remembering my mom and all her sacrifice and hope for me, gave me strength to keep going, sometimes I lived just for her, to prevent her from being hurt.

(Edit: Sometimes Surrendering really works. There was a time being inspired by great spiritual teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Dr Wayne Dyer I had surrendered. I tried to find meaning of life in spirituality when things were tough. Just Letting Go and Letting God is all What all you need. I Surrendered: Amazing Synchronicity )

I was always hopeful things will be better, this has brought me here.

And still I am not bullet proof, I fail, I get hurt but I am hopeful things will get more better and better as long as I keep on dreaming and moving towards it..

I hope it inspired you.

(Note: Original Version of this article was published in: Quora (Click to view it) )

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