Struggling Through Dark Days

February 26, 2017

It was about 1–2 years ago, I used to had depression and was very sad, I had very low confidence. And everything was wrong, I felt like suiciding, not living anymore. I was angry at everyone even at God.

What kept me going?

  1. My Mom : I am the only child and immediate family of her, she is divorced and I am the only one with whom she can rely on. During the hard time, I tried to live just for her. Since my birth, she has been struggling hard to keep me alive and give me better future, this helped me to avoid the Idea of Killing myself and abandoning her. (Well, I don’t know if there was any chance of my suicide, but it was really hard time, I was hopeless with life, depressed. Since I never tried of anything to hurt myself, I don’t if I would have ever suicided. But my Mom kept me going.) The Idea of only living for someone I love and care kept me going.
  2. I surrendered: I started to search for hope and meaning of life spirituality, I listened to Dr Wayne Dyer’s I can See clearly Now, read Eckart Tolle’s Power of Now. I started to turn toward spirituality. I Surrendered: Amazing Synchronicity Let Go. Let God.
  3. I just Breathe: I started counting my breaths inorder to avoid unnecessary thinking. I used to count till 100 and again begin from 0. After reading Power of Now and various things I realized Breathing is Everything.
  4. I Kept Dreaming: I always dreamed big, I always tried to remain hopeful no matter how hard the thing was. I always thought that good things can happen in life if only I worked hard and struggle more.

Currently, I am good. I have life purpose, I have a Goal to live and strive for.

Since Past +6 months I have been regularly Exercising, Meditating and Bathing with Cold water. I guess this is releasing hormones and good chemicals in my body to make me feel good and avoid depression. This has made me hopeful and stronger mentally and physically.

You can read them here:

Exercise Ritual: 1

Cold Bath Ritual: 1

Daily Routine: Part 1

I hope it inspired you.

Originally it was posted in: Quora

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