Running for Life

March 28, 2017

(Brief History of Title: In past we used to Run to avoid killer Animals but today we Run to avoid killer Diseases. In both cases “We are Running for LIFE.”)

From today, I have started to run (or jog):

Starting Time: 6:16 AM (Left Home)

Finishing Time: 6:21AM (Came Home and Bathed)

So, today I ran about 5 Minute 10 seconds (approx 700 M or less), I was hoping for 10 minutes but I got exhausted within 5 minutes. Moreover I didn’t want to push further because after lot of failures and setbacks, I have learnt “Slow change is Better than no Change.” “Evolution is Better than Revolution.”

(I have been reading this routine 6 times a day for last 6 months. It’s called Autosuggesting.)

Actually I wanted to run since last 6-7 months ago, but I wanted to be have slow and stable long lasting change. So, I was waiting for right time.

Moreover, since last 6-7 months I have gained some weight, being a hardgainer it’s a great thing but being out of shape isn’t. So, while I was exercising at around 5 AM, I felt a strong urgency to RUN. I actually wanted to run in the darkness of morning because I thought it will be embarrassing when people start to laugh at you. But according to my past experience running in the dark never suited me: At 15 I used to run at around 3:30 AM for 1 hour continuously till exhaustion, but after few weeks I dreamt while standing and actually fell down, cutting my lips, but it wasn’t that serious. Hence, I stopped there. Last year a bicycle hit me, it was really painful, thankfully it wasn’t that bad. Today, there is a rumor that a mad (rabies) dog is roaming around and had bitten many people, so it wasn’t a good idea to take risk. Hence I ran after cleaning my room at around 6 Am.

(Actually I bought this shoe, for my Grandfather, but he didn’t wore because he said it was too much fancy, now I realized why is that. Now I am starting to hate it’s Red Color, but it doesn’t matter, the main thing that matter is; it does it’s job nicely i.e. to protect my feet and it’s comfy too.)

Before starting to run I was really afraid, I was anxious, nervous about what might people think of me, I was actually kind of trembling little bit. But once I started, all those fear and anxiety got away, no one really cared, few people smiled at me, some laughed but most of them were busy with their own life, they didn’t had time to think about me or even notice me. Moreover I thought, when I get sick or ill they are not the one who have to pay, I am the one who have to pay. And I am the one who benefits from my good health.

You see, “We are not who we think we are, we are not what other think we are but we are actually what we think other think we are.” So, we are so so anxious about what other thinks about us, but in reality everyone are so busy with their own life that they don’t have time to think about you, just like you don’t have time to think about other.

There was this story, before 1954 people thought running a mile in four-minute was impossible, many people tried but failed. In 1954 Roger Banister came along, he ran a mile in 3:59.4 Minute, since that day 1000s of people have ran four-minute mile and the record has actually been reduced by 17 seconds.

So, everyday I will be posting my progress in facebook, so that I can inspire more people to run, to actually show that it’s doable.

So, if I die today, I want to die for something great. I will post my progress till 180 days from today.

Here are some tips for running:
  1. Don’t create time table. It rarely works but create a routine. Be consistent and do it, whenever you can.
  2. For me running will be easy because I already have a morning routine, I just need to use one of the habits as trigger, which is cleaning the room, so after I clean my room, I run. So, find out what is the thing that you do daily and after doing that run. For e.g. if you brush teeth in the morning, use it as a trigger, run after brushing teeth. Find out the habit which you have already mastered, and use it as a reminder to run. This works.
  3. Don’t worry about right time or right method or right gear. The main thing is to form habit. So, run whenever you like; you can run after work, before work, before lunch, at evening, at morning. Just remember, “Everything is Habit, once you form the habit, things will be Easier and Automatic.”
  4. Start small. You don’t need to run like me (about) 700 metres in a 1st day. Well you can, you can even go more than that. But if you feel too much resistant, just try to wear the running shoes and just get out of house and come back. First rule of habit is: Be Slow and Consistent. Don’t miss even a day (try not to).

Run because you Can, not because you have to but because you have two legs, you don’t need anything to move from one place to another, nature has provided you the two strong legs. So, enjoy the Freedom and Joy of Running. And if you make it stronger and healthy, your legs and body will take you wherever you want to, make you whatever you want to.

Benefits of running:
  1. Exercising (or running) is a keystone habit, it’s a kind of habit whose positive impacts starts to be seen in various areas of life like study, relation, finance, productivity, efficiency and many more. And even helps to get rid of addiction, I have read about many people who have used running to deal with cravings and addictions.
  2. Helps to get rid of stress, depression, anxiety by releasing chemicals and hormones. Moreover it makes you feel good about yourself.
  3. Helps to improve immunity, prevent heart diseases, diabetes and even cancers.
  4. Tones the body and might even give you the body you always desired. But main point to be noted is exercising doesn’t always reduce weight but it will certainly makes you healthy and strong. So, don’t expect to lose weight suddenly, do it for health and fitness not for weight loss.
  5. Saves money. You see health is wealth. 1000s of people spends millions of dollar every year just to treat the disease, which could have been easily prevented if they had started exercising little earlier. I have seen people who have gone bankrupt because of medical expenditure.

I love this quote, “One year (or 180 days) from now you will wish you had started today.” So, don’t wait.

From today I will be uploading my daily progress in my Facebook Account.

(Edit: 2017/04/03, since none of my friends showed any real genuine interest I didn’t post my progress my in Facebook Daily.)

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