Running for LIFE: Day 7th

April 03, 2017

Actually, I was planning to share my progress at 21st Day but today I recorded a video and thought about sharing it today. So, this is my progress of last 7 seven days of running. Moreover, I have been running only 5 minutes a day or about 700 Metres a day, just to form habit.

Day 1st (2017/03/28)

Starting Time: 6:16 AM (Left Home)

Finishing Time: 6:21AM (Came Home)

(So, there was a mistake, in my last post I had said I ran for 1 KM in 5 minutes. But after considering number of Electric Poles, I found out I was running only about 700 (approx.) Metres. There are around 7 Electric Poles and it is said that distance between two poles is 50 Metres, that will be equal to 350 Metres and I return back using same route that will add another 350 Metres.)

Day 2nd (2017/03/29)

Waked Up: 4:50 AM


Started Exercising: 5:05 AM

Started Meditating: 5:43 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 6:07AM

Started Running: 6:29 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running: 6:34 AM (Came Home)

Total Running Time: 5:04 Minutes (Approx. 700 Metres)

(Today my leg was paining at thigh, although I didn’t had difficulty breathing like yesterday, but leg was hurting. By the way little pain is good: This indicates tearing of tiny muscles, moreover it will recover, when it recovers, it will grow stronger and better to handle the stress previously exerted. )

Day 3rd (2017/03/30)

Waked Up: 3:30 AM (Yesterday I slept at around 9:30 PM)


Started Exercising: 3:45 AM

Started Meditating: 4: 18 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 4: 48 AM

Started Running: 5: 29 AM

Finished Running: 5: 34 Am

Total Running Time: 5: 35 Minute (Approx. 700 Metres)

Sleeping Time: 9:31 PM

(600 AM: Thigh still pains while running and so today I ran little slowly. 1716 PM: Couldn’t get the Day time Nap, had to go to Murgiya. I don’t think I can wake up earlier tomorrow.)

(I listen to Motivation Videos while exercising.)

Day 4th (2017/03/31)

Waked up: 7:13 AM


Started Exercising: 7:22 AM

Started Meditation: 7:52 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 8:13 AM

Started Running: 8:35 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running: 8:39 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running Time: 4:51 Minute (Approx 700 Metres)

Daytime Nap: 12:34 PM – 1:43 PM (1 Hour 9 Minute)

Slept At: 9:52 PM

(0937 AM: So, today I woke up late. Moreover finished running 10-15 seconds earlier because I was nervous, I was afraid of what might people think of me. But no one really cared.)

Day 5th (2017/04/01)

Woke Up: 5:20 AM


Started Exercising: 5:32 AM

Started Meditating: 6:00 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 6:20 AM

Started Running: 6:44 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running: 6:49 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running Time: 4:59 Minute (Approx. 700 metres)

Daytime Nap: 11:35 AM- 12:40 AM (1 Hour 5 Minutes)

Sleeping Time: 9:34 PM

Day 6th (2017/04/01)

Woke Up: 5 AM


Started Exercising: 5:14 AM

Started Meditating: 5: 45 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 6:05 AM

Started Running: 6:25 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running: 6:30 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running Time: 5:05 Minute (Approx. 700 Metres)

Day Time Nap: 11:25 AM – 12:40 AM (1 Hour 15 Minutes)

Sleeping Time: 9:31 PM

(726 AM, today I felt easier to run.)

Day 7th (2017/04/03)

Woke Up: 6:13 AM


Started Exercising: 6:25 AM

Started Meditating: 6:56 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 7:23 AM

Running Time: ~7:40 AM – ~7:45 (Not Sure)

(858 AM, so today I recorded the video, I forget to record the time of running. I was really confused, stressed, afraid, my hands were shaking. I was really afraid and nervous of being laughed at or being judged by people.)

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