My Autosuggestion

April 11, 2017

Since last 8-9 months I have been Auto-Suggesting a lot. In the beginning it was different, now it is different. I frequently add or remove the sentences inorder to meet my needs and priorities.

It’s kind of like prayer, I have included my favourite quotes, my principles about life, my routine, my goal and also my Life Purpose. Exactly I don’t know what it has done to me, but I believe it has made a lot of differences, it has given me right kind of mindsets, I have been able to programme myself using this.

Currently, my Auto-Suggestions looks like this

(Currently, my Life Purpose looks like that.)

(This is 2nd Page. These quotes helps me to get deep insight about life, helps me to understand about life. Moreover repeating them daily has helped me to deeply understand them, nowadays I am even applying them in my daily life consciously and even unconsciously. It has helped me a lot and perhaps also changed me.)

(This is the 3rd Page. I have also included my Daily Ideal Routine which I want to follow everyday, moreover I have been successful upto some extent. I believe this has really helped me.)  

(So, one House Fly also got the chance to get in the Photo, actually He/She is in the air, you can see his Shadow also. Moreover this is my Goal, I believe in “Fake it, Till you Make it.” Well it has worked upto some extent, I have gained some weight. I am not sure about my Financial goal, but I hope and believe that it will also get accomplished. Yeah, since last +6 Months, I have been faking myself and programming myself)


Well, in the beginning I used to repeat it 100 times a day. By the way in the beginning my autosuggestion wasn’t like this, it was different. I guess it is still evolving, I still edit it as per my needs.

Overtime, I reduced the repetition to 50 times a day, then 20 times a day, then 10 times a day. And finally nowadays I repeat it only 6 times a day, 3 times in the morning just after I wake up and 3 times in the evening after brushing my teeth which I do daily after eating Dinner.

So, this is my Auto-Suggestion Routine.

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