My Journaling Journey: Part 1

April 11, 2017

Well, I have been Journaling since I was 15/16 years old. Actually I used to be a shy and lonely kid, I guess I still am but I have changed a lot, improved a lot. Throughout those years Journaling has helped me a lot in my dark days, when I had no one to share my plan, my pain, my stories. It has been like my friend perhaps my best friend I guess. It has helped me to understand myself, look into myself.

Here in this Post, I want to share some Photos of my Diary:

(April 18, 2012: At that time, I thought I had figured out everything; Who I wanted to be, What I wanted to do with my life etc. Surprising fact is I actually got 85.5% in SLC .i.e Class 10.)

(January 30, 2013: This was during the time when I was studying in class 10. I was sick, so I got out of the hostel even though staying in Hostel was compulsory for all the students who were studying in class 10. Moreover the funny fact was: Previously, about 2-3 weeks before getting sick, I had wished for being ill so that I wouldn’t have to give the exam. Well, that wish came true but still I had to give the exam: all those Boring Pre-Send Up, Send Up and Pre-SLC.)

(February 5, 2013: Back then, it was totally different there used to be a lot of load-shedding, so called Power Deficit. So, I had to burn the candle to study. Well, I had already checked up my Health in the Hospital, where they gave me medicine for 1 months but there was nothing written in my report. So, out of my curiosity I researched over internet using my Nokia X3 and found the similarity with Thrombotic Thrombocytopenic Purpura (TTP): you can google it, yeah it was that bad, my whole legs and hands were swollen, it was really red. For me, it seemed like my small nerves got ruptured due to too much physical workout. Yeah, even at that age I could do +50 continuous normal Push Up, +10 One Leg Squat or Up Down, 20 Clap Push Up and also +15 Handstand Push Up using the support of wall. I thought I suffered from TTP due to much Physical Activity, but I became fine with just one months of medicines and I also discontinued exercise. I still don’t know what actually caused me that kind of disease.) 

(February 10, 2013: Actually I only got 85.5% in my class 10 but I was a dreamer, still am. Hence, my aim or goal was to get 92.25%, which didn’t came true but that hasn’t stopped me from dreaming and setting even bigger goals in my life.)

(January 13, 2014: At that time I was enrolled in class 11 in Science Faculty, but I was struggling academically. I was trying everything but I wasn’t progressing, things weren’t going good. I was still planning and setting goals but actually I got only 68.4% in class 11 and 65.2% in class 12. )

(January 13, 2014: This is the 2nd page of above page.)

(January 2014: This was my master plan, which never got into the reality. It’s seemed like Castle in the Air. Part of the reason was: I wasn’t consistent, I wasn’t regular, sometimes I wanted to be this, sometimes that. Moreover I guess I wasn’t emotionally involved with it, may be it wasn’t something I really wanted to do or become.)

(February 3, 2014: This is just the Part of Me. Actually I had already completed my book Teenage Guidance during the Holiday after class 10 but it was only in copy .i.e in paper form, only Addiction Part was typed, that year I bought a Laptop Dell 3421 which I still use and I typed all the remaining part using my Laptop and Re-Published my Book Teenage Guidance during the Holiday after class 11.)

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