My Journaling Journey: Part 2 : Life Purpose

April 11, 2017

This is the 2nd Part of My Journaling Journey. For more clarity you can read my previous post: My Journaling Journey: Part 1.

Here in this post, I will describe how my Life Purpose has evolved to present condition:

“Life is like an onion if you peel one layer of onion other will come, if you peel it again another shows up and if you keep peeling, at the end only the core of onion remains.” So, here I am still peeling my onion.

(April 18, 2012: At that time, I thought this is my Life Purpose. I was a big fan of animals, still am, I love animals, their innocence. So, I thought everyone are working for the welfare of people but no one is working for animals, hence I made my mind to work for welfare of animals.)

(February 19, 2014: Actually the date is wrong, it should be something like this 2070/11/07 but who has the time to consult calendar everytime you want to journal. So, here I am trying to figure out my real life purpose. This is just one of the example, I have tried many things, I have asked many questions to myself.)

(February 19, 2014: This is Part 2nd of Deep Soul Searching. You are supposed to write everything that comes into your head without any restrictions until you feel deeply connected to the statement. And you are allowed to take as much time as you can, you are even allowed to leave it for a while and again join it if you feel bored.)

(February 19, 2014: This is Part 3rd of Deep Soul Searching.)

(February 19, 2014: This is Part 4th of Deep Soul Searching.)

(February 19, 2014: This is Part 5th of Deep Soul Searching. February 21, 2014: I saw the dream.)

(February 21, 2014: Part 2nd: I saw the dream.)

Right now my life Purpose is: “To live everyday to the fullest and to get better and better everyday in everyway. To help other to live better life.”

I guess Journaling helped me a lot to understand about myself and know about myself.

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