My Journaling Journey: Part 4

April 11, 2017

This is the 4th part of My Journaling Journey. You can read my previous posts here:

My Journaling Journey: Part 1

My Journaling Journey: Part 2: Life Purpose

My Journaling Journey: Part 3: My Struggle

Here in this posts I will share some Photos of my Diary:

(December 3, 2015: I was trying to work on my Blog

(December 5, 2015: Days going by. Trying to get better. Working on my WordPress Child Theme.)

(December 13, 2015: I was busy in my Blogging and designing my theme for Blog)

(December 15, 2015: Actually it’s called Semi Planche Push Up instead of Opposite Push Up. And I was also doing Abdominal Curl)

(January 13, 2016: I had gone to get admission in the Local Campus, in 3 years Bachelor in Arts with major in English.)

(February 11, 2016: Murgiya is very far from where I live. It is 50 Km away. So, while constructing my house everyday I had to travel +100 Km equal to +5-6 hours in Bus and walk more than 5-6 Km in scorching sun, it was really hard and bad.)

(March 22, 2016: Days were really busy going and coming from Murgiya, looking after the construction  of my house. Everything was messed up during this time. I stopped exercising, meditating and also blogging.)

(April 21, 2016: Actually it’s 2073 instead of 2072 but sometimes things get jumbled up. This is my last Journaling. Since then I haven’t journal.)

This is the last page of my Journaling. I haven’t wrote in my diary since April 27, 2016. I am thinking about starting it someday again.

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