Running for LIFE: Day 21st

April 17, 2017

So guys, today is my 21st day.

Today I recorded my video:

(In past there was a lot of thoughts that it takes 21 days to cultivate a habit, if you do it regularly. Everyone were talking about it, many great people included in their books and speeches. But most didn’t knew from where it actually came. But recently it found that it actually came from one of the greatest books Psycho cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz, a plastic surgeon, where he said, in average a person takes about 21 days to realize his new self image like to realize about Phantom Limb. But due to telephone effect, the fact got completely changed. People started saying it takes only 21 days to cultivate a habit, moreover 21 day is pretty appealing. Back in the day, I thought the same. But it is just a myth.

I read a blog named there was this article: Phillipa Lally a researcher in University College London, ran study for 12 weeks, using that data she found out in average it takes 66 days to form a habit or 18 to 254 days for people to form new habit, well it depends upon complexity and circumstances, harder one takes more time but easier forms within days.)

So, guys this is my progress of last 7 days:

Day 14th (2017/04/10)

Woke Up: 3:08 AM


Started Exercising: 3:19 AM

Started Meditating: 3:51 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 4:14 AM

Started Running: ~5:40 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running: ~5:50 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running Time: ~10 Minutes (Approx. 700 Metres)

Daytime Nap: 10:30 AM – 1:10 PM (2 Hour 40 Minutes)

(0731 AM: So today I created a video. Moreover, yesterday I hadn’t even woke up at this time.)

Day 15th (2017/04/11)

Woke Up: 7:08 AM


Started Exercising: 7:21 AM

Started Meditating: 7:48 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 8:24 AM

Started Running: 8:46 AM

Finished Running: 8:51 AM

Total Running Time: 5 Minutes (Approx. 700 Metres)

Daytime Nap: Na

Sleeping Time: 9:55 PM

(2039 PM, just came home. Today I had gone to Butwal to upload yesterday’s video and various other posts. Today one unexpected thing happened, a Gay Man dressed as woman came into the Bus, collecting money like a robber from all the passengers, I also gave him then he started abusing me, he started hugging, even kissed in my face, started talking about bad things. I am really feeling weak, it feels uncomfortable. I am anxious, I don’t know whether it was legal or not but I was freezed because of fear, I feel guilty for not being able to defend myself. Still, I don’t feel good. This incident has really moved me. I am a sensitive person, I am afraid what kind of impact will this create in my life. 2155, I am still thinking about that incident, it still makes me anxious. OMG. I even shared this on Quora, because I wanted to express it somewhere.)

Day 16th (2017/04/12)

Woke Up: 7:25 AM


Started Exercising: 7:40 AM

Started Meditating: 8:13 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 8:35 AM

Started Running: 9:22 AM

Finished Running: 9:27 AM

Total Running Time: 4:59 Minutes

Daytime Nap: 1:36 PM – 2:30 PM (54 Minutes)

Sleeping Time: 9:33 PM

Day 17th (2017/04/13)

Woke Up: 7:21 AM


Started Exercising: 7:40 AM

Started Meditating: 8:15 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 8:37 AM

Started Running: 9:33 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running: 9:38 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running Time: 5:22 Minutes ( Approx. 700 Metres)

Daytime Nap: NA

Sleeping Time: 9:26 AM

(1521: Knee is getting worse, it is paining a lot even while walking. So today I bought a Knee Cap, a band of cloth designed for leg.)

Day 18th (2017/04/14)

Woke Up: 4:34 AM

Started Exercising: 5:07 AM

Started Meditating: 5:37 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 6:09 AM

Started Running: 6:36 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running: 6:42 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running Time: 6:05 Minutes (Approx. 700 Metres)

Daytime Nap: 12:30 PM – 2 PM (1 Hour 30 Minutes)

Sleeping Time: 9:07 PM

(0756 AM: Since couple of days I am having a knee pain but today it was excruciatingly painful, it felt like it was breaking everytime I was making new steps, it felt like someone is hammering my knees. It even hurts while walking. Yesterday I had bought a Knee Band but it still hurts. I think I need a medical attention. Moreover I don’t think I will be able to run like this. But I have made a commitment to run for next 180 days, so from tomorrow I will be just walking instead of running.)

Day 19th (2015/04/15)

Woke Up: 5:20 AM


Started Exercising: 5:36 AM

Started Meditating: 6:05 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 6:20 AM

Started Running (Walking): 6:51 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running (Walking): Don’t Know (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running (Walking) Time: ~12 Minutes (Approx. 700 Metres)

Daytime Nap: 12:30 PM – 2:30 PM (2 Hours)

Sleeping Time: 9:45 PM

(1123 AM: From today I have started to run because pain in my knees are unbearable. Today it rained while I was walking. Moreover I also recorded Video.)

Day 20th (2017/04/16)

Woke Up: 4:04 AM


Started Exercising: 4:14 AM

Started Meditating: 4:45 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 5:05 AM

Started Running (Walking): 5:39 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running (Walking): ~6 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running (Walking) Time: ~15 Minutes (Approx. 700 Metres)

(1745 PM: Today I created the Back Up Video of my 21st day running.)

Day 21st (2017/04/17)

Woke Up: 4:10 AM


Started Exercising: 4:39 AM

Started Meditating: 5:08 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 5:35 AM

Started Running (Walking): ~6 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running (Walking): ~6:15 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running (Walking) Time: ~15 Minutes

Daytime Nap: ~10 AM – ~11 AM (1 Hour)

Sleeping Time: 9:42 Pm

(2143 PM: Today I went to Butwal to Upload Videos and Books. I also recorded video for 21st Day Journey)

Guys, this is so far my progress, currently there is pain in my knees, so I am just walking instead of running.

Moreover, you can see my progress of first week or first seven days here: Running for LIFE: Day 7th

And Second Week here: Running for LIFE: Day 14th 

Moreover you can see all the tips and tricks for running here: Running for LIFE

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