Beauty of Routine

April 23, 2017

As I am going for Running since last 4 weeks, few days ago, I was having very sharp pain in both of my Knees. So, in 18th of April I went to Butwal (a nearby town) for my medical checkup. Doctor X-Rayed my leg and as nothing was serious; he recommended Calcium Tablets for 1 months and Oil to massage if there is pain.

(The bad thing about the tablet is: they are too big, it is very hard for me to swallow them.)

That day, I was unable to accomplish (or start) my routine in the morning, as I had to go to Butwal in the morning. So, I started working on my routine after I came back home.  Here is the detail log of my day.

(That day, I got this Idea of recording my video, making it inspiration while I was coming back home in the bus.)

Woke Up: ~5:05 AM

Autosuggested (4:14 PM – 4:25 PM)

Started Exercising: 4:25 PM

Started Meditating: 4:54 PM

Started Cleaning Room: 5:11 PM

Started Running (Walking): 5:34 PM (Left Home)

Finished Running (Walking): 5:48 PM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running (Walking) Time: ~14 Minutes (Approx. 700 Metres)

Daytime Nap: NA

Sleeping Time: 9:54 PM

(2154 PM: Today I went to Butwal in the Morning for my Check Up, I X-Rayed my both knees and Doctor diagnosed that there is nothing wrong and he recommended me Calcium. Since, I was unable to accomplish my routine in Morning, I completed it in Evening after coming home.)

Guys, this is the Beauty of Routine, you can accomplish it anytime you want to, it is flexible and easy to follow once it becomes the habit.

For my Book about my Routine: Ideal Morning Routine

For more Two Videos in which I followed my Routine at around 9 AM and 2 AM: Beauty of Routine: Part 2

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