My 1000$ Per Month Goal

April 29, 2017

(My goal was set about 6 months ago.)

Yesterday, 2017/04/28: I created this video and only 5 days were remaining for me to achieve 1000$ per month, but still I hadn’t earned penny.

Here are my Goals:

(Since, last 6 months I have been Autosuggesting myself that I have already achieved my Goal. It is based on: “Fake it Till you Make it.”)

Weighing 65 KG: But currently I weigh only 62 KG as per my measurement which I did 3 days ago. So, I am short of 3 KG, and I don’t think I will be able to accumulate 3 KGs in just 4-5 Days. So, it seems like I failed that means I should be sad. But I am not, I am happy and satisfied with the progress even though I have failed to meet the target. Because you see, 1 year ago I used to weigh just around 55 KG, but today things have changed a lot. Being a hardgainer it’s a big thing to gain weight, so I am happy with the progress.

Earn 1000$ Per Months: As per today, 2017/04/29 I haven’t earned penny, so I also pretty much failed in this goal. So, that means I should be super sad, but I am not.

(This Photo was taken 2017/04/29)

You see in 6 months I have made a lot of progress. 6 months ago, I never thought I will be creating videos like this.

I have been exercising, meditating and bathing with cold water everyday, every single day and it is awesome to get here.

Nowadays I have been writing frequently, I have become more creative, I am getting more and more ideas and I also have learnt a lot.

I have become stronger Physically, Mentally and Emotionally, I have become courageous.

This all happened because I set the Goal, this all happened because I raise the bar and standard for myself, I push myself to do something that most people think is impossible.

Now, I have realized goal isn’t about just Earning 1000$ Per Month, earning Six figure Salary, buying a car, a new house, getting a Gold Medal, getting that Title or Award.

But it’s all about Self Mastery, it’s about getting better in life, it’s about developing oneself, it’s about learning and getting matured in this journey of life, it’s about finding happiness in what you do. It’s all about you, you getting better and better every single day.

May be also serving the World along the Way.

By the way there is this saying: You don’t get what you want in life, You get only what you deserve. So may be, I still don’t deserve the 1000$. May be, I am still unable to create the impact in other’s people life that is worth more than 1000$. Yeah may be I am still unable to give something of value equivalent to 1000$ to other.

They say, “You will get successful in life, when you help other to become successful.” So may be, I am still unable to help other to become successful.

May be it’s that, my $1000 is on the way and may be when it comes, it will bring millions of dollar with it. Napoleon Hill said, “When riches begin to come they come so quickly, in such great ABUNDANCE, that one wonders where they have been hiding during all those lean years.”

Les Brown frequently talks about this Chinese Bamboo Tree. It’s a bamboo tree, that needs five years to grow, but during that five years it will not get out of soil, you will not be able to see the bamboo plant. But you still have to water it, take care of it everyday otherwise it will die. And at the end of five year, it grows 90 Feet tall in just 6 Weeks. So, it means I have to try again and again, it means: May be, my 1000$ is still growing, I need to water it daily, take care of it every single day. It means I shouldn’t be discouraged by my current result.

More than that, I am happy what I have achieved so far, what I have become and what I have learnt in the process. Sometimes I wonder, if I can achieve so much in just 6 months, where will I be in another 6 months from now, 1 Year from now, 5 Years from now, 10 Years from now. OMG, possibilities are endlessly infinite, I am spiritual being and I don’t have any limitation.

So, even though I (apparently) failed in this goal, I will not give up. I will raise the bar and set even bigger goal, I will push myself, I will get out of my comfort zone.

(By the way I still have 4 days remaining and I still have HOPE.”

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