Beauty of Routine: Part 2

May 03, 2017

This Video was created in 2017/04/29, that day I had waked up late at around 9 AM

But also I followed my routine. This video was made to show the flexibility of routine.

Day 31st (2017/04/27)

Woke Up: 8:45 AM – 9:00 AM

Autosuggested: 9:23 AM – 9:33 AM

Exercised: 9:40 AM – 10:07 AM

Meditated: 10:21 AM – 10:40 AM

Started (Walking) Running: 11:29 AM (Left Home)

Finished (Walking) Running: 11:43 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total (Walking) Running Time: 14:20 Minutes (Approx. 700 Metres)

Daytime NAP: 2 PM – 3:30 PM

Sleeping Time: 9:52 PM

(2140 PM: So today I woke up late and recorded video about, how you can follow routine no matter what’s the situation is.)

This video was created today in the morning, today I had waked up early at around 1 AM, after creating video for my Goal, I started following my routine.

Day 37th (2017/05/03)

So, today I Woke Up at 1:04 AM

(Recorded videos about my Goal.)

Autosuggested: 2:0 AM – 2:09 AM

Exercised: 2:10 AM – 2:41 AM (31 Minutes)

Meditated: 2:42 AM – 3:06 AM (24 Minutes)

Clean my Room: 3:07 AM – 3:19 AM (12 Minutes)

Imagine about Running: 3:20 AM – 3:22 AM (2 Minutes)

Bathing and Washing my Clothes

Planning my Day: 4:07 AM – 4:14 AM

Started (Walking) Running: 5:48 AM (Left Home)

Finished (Walking) Running: 6:01 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total (Walking) Running Time: 13:08 Minutes (Approx. 700 Metres)

(0634 AM: I was unable to take Nap, right now my eyes are burning, I am feeling lazy and tired. Moreover if you are unable to follow your routine then you can imagine.)

For my old article, in which I followed my Routine in evening time: Beauty of Routine

For my Book about routine: Ideal Morning Routine 

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