DIY Photo/Video Studio in Just 14$

May 9, 2017

So, there was a lot of problems while recording previous videos: While recording outside my eyes were irritated with the bright Sun Light, while recording inside there was no sufficient light and it seemed like Horror Movie shot in Dark.

So, I thought of buying the Studio light, but since I am just an amateur I thought it will be waste of money if I am unable to make full and proper use of it. Hence, I thought of creating it myself using locally available material and also thought of creating DIY (Do It Yourself) Video.

Materials Required:

Aluminium Reflector: 1.17*2 = 2.3$ (NPR: 240)

Led Bulb: 4.41*2 = 8.8$ (NPR: 900)

Electric Wire: 0.09*7 Metre = 0.7$ (NPR: 70)

Bed Switch: 0.2*2 = 0.4$ (NPR: 40)

Bulb Holder: 0.2*2 = 0.4$ (NPR: 40)

Electric Tape: 0.2*1 = 0.2$ (NPR: 20)

Electric Plug: 0.1*2 = 0.2$ (NPR: 20)

White Clothe: 0.8*1 = 0.8$ (NPR: 80)

Bamboo and Aluminium wire were available at home.

Total Price: 13.8 ~ 14 USD (NPR 1410)

You see, it took me only 1-2 (max 3 hours) Hours to make this whole thing along with shooting the video but to edit the video it took me 2-3 Days. I was only using Windows Movie Maker (to forward the video) and Bigasoft Video Converter (to split and merge the video), as my Dell i3 Laptop with only 2 GB can’t support the Heavy Editing Software. It was really hard, but I admit I gained a lot of experience.

My Videos:

Part I:

Part II:

Part III:


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