Where the Idea Comes From

March 15, 2017

Days ago, I was asked the question that, where your ideas come from. This made me think, but still I was unable to answer. I thought I was just inspired.

And few days ago, I was listening to Bob Proctor’s Seminar while cleaning the room, he said, “The way to fly was always there even before Wright Brothers discovered it.”

Suddenly idea started flowing to me, things started to make sense. It is right, Gravity was always there even before Newton discovered it, the moon was always revolving around the earth, the apple was always falling from tree even before Newton was born. All the laws of Science and Mathematics were always there even before someone discovered it. And the way to cure Cancer and Aids, the way to make room temperature superconductor is already around us waiting to be discovered someday. The way to become a billionaire and the way to become anything you want or the way to get anything you want is already here freely flying in the air (or ether you may say.)

So, the question is, “How to discover all those knowledge?”

That’s a intriguing question, you see our mind contains billions of cells working together and organizing things precisely, so that you can speak the exact words you want to, so that you can write the exact words and think the exact thoughts you want to, imagine the video you want to. But the majority of things aren’t in our control, we don’t control our heartbeats, we don’t control the metabolism, we don’t control the body temperatures, we even don’t control our breathing. Well that’s a great thing, if it wasn’t being automated then we would be living in the world where people would die because they forgot to breathe, they forgot to digest the food or forgot to deliver the food to certain cells. People would die because they forgot to carry the thermometers inorder to measure and maintain the body temperature. That would be the insane world, no one is talking to no-one because that will distract them from making their heart beat, no-one is sleeping because they are afraid that they will forget to breathe.

So, there’s a whole lot of things going in the background of our mind, this makes sense that our brain consumes about 1/5th energy of total energy despite weighing just 1/20th of our body weight. Our brain is the chaotic place, billions of cells firing the signals at each other upto the rate of 119m/s. Just imagine the case in which cells are calling and shouting at each other for more food at certain tissues of body, for more itching at certain part of body, for more blood or warmth, for more growth etc. It’s like the busy stock markets where brokers and traders are shouting and yelling at each others or the call centre where staffs are busy handling the demands and emergencies.

And there are cells which are just thinking about random things like who will win the Next Cricket Match, what kind of food will be cooked in the home, what they might have thought about me, what will happen next in that Serials. Most of our brain is just busy thinking about mundane things, it’s like our brain loves to think and if you don’t give it the good stuff to think about, then it will just try to get busy by thinking things that aren’t going to matter much.

So, our brain is capable of doing huge things than we can imagine about. When we want something bad enough, when we think about it all the time, when we can’t stop imagining about it then the idea starts to flow, thoughts starts to appear from nowhere to now-here. It’s like, our brain acts as a receiver for thoughts and ideas, if we align our brain to the right frequency if we think about something hard enough then it scans for that thing and it scans for the ideas, it scans for the way to make things happen.

For 1000s of years all the great thinkers have been saying that, “You will become what you think about the most. What kind of thoughts we hold in our mind is going to determine our destiny.” So, if you want something then think about it, play with it inside your head, make it a dominant thought. At some point the idea will appear.

And we can make that idea into thing, if we give all our effort and dedication.

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