Journaling in My Personal Blog

March 28, 2017

“Death: What will it be like to go to sleep and never wake up?”

-Alan Watts

For a few days, I have been so much fascinated with idea of death, the idea of dying.

You know, we build dreams, we think about future, we plan about it, we fantasize about the next amazing thing that is going to happen. But if you are to die today then nothing will matter much, all those dreams and imaginations cease to exist, the entire universe that existed inside your brain cease to exist.

One of the good thing about considering “I may die Today” is: Suddenly, every stress, every anxiety and every fear about future cease to exist. I start to think only about the important things, only about important people and stuffs that is really going to matter, the basic things which I have been ignoring since long, which have been buried inside all those unnecessary thoughts and fears. It really helps me to realize, “What is important and what is not?” It’s amazing.

Today, I was reading the book by David Horowitz, “A Point in Time”. There was this story about a youth who was given death sentence, who was about to die, about to lose all things.

“Those five minutes seemed to him an infinite time, a vast wealth; he felt that he had so many lives left that there was no need yet to think of the last moment, so much so that he divided his time up. He set aside time to take leave of his comrades, two minutes for that; then he kept another two minutes to think for the last time; and then a minute to look about him for the last time…. He was dying at twenty-seven, strong and healthy…. Nothing was so dreadful at that time as the continual thought, “What if I were not to die! What if I could go back to life—what eternity! And it would all be mine! I would turn every minute into an age; I would lose nothing. I would count every minute as it passed. I would not waste one!”

I have been journaling in my dairy (as shown in Photo) since last 5-6 years but have stopped recently. So, I am considering to publish all my upcoming achievements, personal thoughts and ideas in my Personal Blog With the hope my words will be there inspiring future generations, many not born yet.

(You know, Napolean Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich” was published about 50-60 years before I was born, but it did impacted me along with 1000s other like me and I think will keep on inspiring for 1000s more years.)

I don’t know, I may not Wake Up tomorrow. No one knows?

(Originally posted in my Facebook Account)

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