Running for LIFE: Day 14th

April 11, 2017

Actually yesterday was my Day 14th but since there is no net in my home, I had to travel 36 Km to the nearest town to upload this post.

So, guys this is the Progress of my last 7 days.

Day 7th (2017/04/03)

Woke Up: 6:13 AM


Started Exercising: 6:25 AM

Started Meditating: 6:56 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 7:23 AM

Running Time: ~7:40 AM – ~7:45 (Not Sure)

Daytime Nap: NA

Sleeping Time: 9:35 PM

(858 AM, so today I recorded the video, I forget to record the time of running. I was really confused, stressed, afraid, my hands were shaking. I was really afraid and nervous of being laughed at or judged. 2130 PM, I had gone Butwal to Upload my video, as I don’t have good internet in my home. So, didn’t sleep during the day.)

Day 8th (2017/04/04)

Woke Up: 6:07 AM


Started Exercising: 6:17 AM

Started Meditating: 6:50 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 7:10 AM

Started Running: 7:51 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running: 7:56 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running Time: 4:40 Minutes (Approx. 700 Metres)

Daytime Nap: NA

Sleeping Time: 9:36 PM but right now it’s 12:06 AM, a new-day, I am problem with sleeping, part of the reason is I went to Murgiya and feel like I wasted my time.

(0008 AM, it’s technically a new day, So today I had to go to Murgiya for the work of Wielding of Boundary Wall railing, I came home at 9:05 PM. I feel frustrated and depressed to do these type of things. I have to travel about (36+14) + (36+14) KM in Bus for about +5-6 hours and walk +5-6 KM in the Scorching Sun, all alone by myself. Moreover, you have to be there with the workers all the time, to correct their mistakes and carelessness otherwise there is no point of travelling that long. Last year, I had to do this daily for +3-4 months and during that time I was depressed, frustrated, felt like dying, I didn’t wanted to survive. In the process, my routine got out of track, I stopped everything journaling, exercising, meditating and even blogging. So, today also, I am feeling the same. I am feeling not good, I don’t even feel like eating food. I feel this is the waste of my time.)

Day 9th (2017/04/05)

Woke Up: 6:18 AM

Started exercising: 6:30 AM

Started Meditating: 7:05 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 7:24 AM

Started Running: 7:54 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running: 7:59 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running Time: 5:20 Minutes

Daytime Nap: 12:30 AM – 1:06 AM (36 Minutes)

Sleeping Time: 9:08 AM

(0937 AM, today I ran little slowly, just enjoying, just looking around and listening to song.)

Day 10th (2017/04/06)

Woke Up: 5:05 AM


Started Exercising: 5:23 AM

Started Meditating: 5:55 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 6:14 AM

Started Running: 6:52 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running: 6:57 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running Time: 5:22 Minutes

Sleeping Time: 8:55 PM

(0800 AM, Yesterday, I bought the chart-paper and pasted number of days I have ran in my wall. From today I have started capturing the photo of my friend ‘Grassy’ and daily progression days of running. 0815 AM, Friend called me, he told me 1st year result had come, I just got 233 marks out of 400, which is not good, but I am fine, since I attended class just for 5 days in a year. 1750 PM, Just came home from Murgiya, no progress was made, workers didn’t came, so my time got wasted. Moreover I couldn’t have Daytime Nap, feeling little lazy. 2055 PM, Now I am going to sleep, head is heavy.)

11th (2017/04/07)

Woke Up: 7:10 AM


Started Exercising: 7:21 AM

Started Meditating: 7:58 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 8:14 AM

Started Running: 8:40 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running: 8:45 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running Time: 5 Minutes (Approx. 700 Metres)

Daytime Nap: 11:39 AM – 12:47PM (1 Hour 8 Minutes)

Sleeping time: 9:30 PM

(0935 AM, so today I woke up late and ran at 0840 AM. There were people who were looking at me, laughing at me, there was this guy making fun of my last video. Some people mockingly asked, whether I was running after eating lunch or not, whether I just woke up or what. The main thing is people hate change, if people see someone doing something new, they feel uneasy and start to prevent that change directly or indirectly. So, here people have idea that “We should run only in morning at around 5 or 6 AM.” But guys don’t worry about other people or what they think about you, they will not eat you, they will not attack you esp. not physically. Moreover if they see me doing same thing everyday for longtime then they will stop noticing me, they will stop mocking me, they will get tired and get used to it. By the way, I don’t think I am doing anything wrong, I am running for my good health, I am running for me and I don’t need other’s permission to take care of myself, to do good thing. 2130 PM, strong wind is blowing outside, I think it will rain.)

Day 12th (2017/04/08)

Woke Up: 7:04 AM


Started Exercising: 7:19 AM

Started Meditating: 7:53 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 8:17 AM

Started Running: 8:38 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running: 8:43 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running Time: 5:09 Minutes (Approx. 700 Metres)

Daytime Nap: 11:45 AM – 01:35 AM (50 Minutes)

Sleeping Time: 9:37 PM

(0952, today while I was running, I felt a sharp pain in my right thigh, like it was going to cramp. But I said to myself that I will complete my running routine (quota) even if I have to walk. Hence, I started running gently.)

Day 13th (2017/04/09)

Woke Up: 7:40 AM


Started Exercising: 8:02 AM

Started Meditating: 8:38 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 9:02 AM

Started Running: 9:34 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running: 9:38 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running Time: 4:43 Minutes (Approx. 700 Metres)

Daytime Nap: 2:04 PM – 2:56 PM (52 Minutes)

Sleeping Time: 9:48 PM

(1057 AM, well nowadays I am waking up late a lot, I think I have to work on it. 2148 PM, my both knees are paining, I don’t know why? But I need to figure it out soon.)

Day 14th (2017/04/10)

Woke Up: 3:08 AM


Started Exercising: 3:19 AM

Started Meditating: 3:51 AM

Started Cleaning Room: 4:14 AM

Started Running: ~5:40 AM (Left Home)

Finished Running: ~5:50 AM (Came Home and Bathed)

Total Running Time: ~10 Minutes (Approx. 700 Metres)

(0731 AM, so today I created a video. Moreover, yesterday I hadn’t even woke up at this time.)

You can see my progress of first week or first seven days here: Running for LIFE: Day 7th

Moreover you can see all the tips and tricks for running here: Running for LIFE

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